Why Autumn is the best time for Job Hunting

Summer is fading away, the last bank holiday until Christmas already a distant memory. The evenings are getting darker and it’s probably time to accept that winter is approaching.

Obviously, we at Inspire are totally holding out for an Indian summer.

But, it’s not all dismal, doom and gloom! It’s the perfect time to revamp those CVS, get those LinkedIn profiles up to date and look to the next step in your career. Or even a whole new career path.

Why Autumn?

The recruitment industry is picking up speed.

August sees many key players and decision-makers on annual leave. No ones all ever in the office at the same time. September heats up and it’s the second busiest time in recruitment behind January.

There are more jobs available.

With everyone back and focused it’s the time companies make structural changes. It’s when new goals and plans are made. There’s a much higher demand for new talent to join their organisation ( and fully onboarding before Christmas) See our RECRUITMENT page for our current job listings.

There’s more time for job hunting.

Evenings are drawing in earlier we’re spending more time at home so there’s plenty more time to search for new roles, to muster up eye-catching CV’s and improve our online presence.

If you’re looking for a new challenge or new direction for your career and we can help you at inspire.

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Don’t miss the boat – get yourself ready!

  • What direction do you want to head in? This is the time to think about what you enjoy, what your good at and where you want to aim for.
  • Rebrand and update your CV / make your LinkedIn Profile Stand out (top tips coming in our next news piece).
  • Get Networking – In person at local events and jobs fairs as well as Online. This is your chance to tell people you’re available and get searching.
  • Partner with a recruitment agency specialising in your field and that has great candidate relationships. Someone that will showcase your skills to prospective employers.
  • Use the long evenings (and miserable weather) to brush up on your skills. This could be the perfect opportunity to refresh or get up to date. Take a course or do research into a new field.

Above all just get out there! Get searching! Have confidence in yourself and what you bring to an employer. Don’t let inner demons, excuses or comfort zone stop you for doing what you want.