Inspire Individuals

Be inspired to learn new skills

INSPIRE was created to provide more people with more opportunities. If you’ve got no experience or qualifications in the professional services industry, we can help you become an ideal candidate in a role and inspire your new career. If you do have experience and you would like to brush up on your skills, we have a programme for you too. We aim to instil renewed confidence and abilities to prepare you for work.

Why choose customer services?


Professional services is all about making people feel positive and essentially, happy.

The work is often varied and can sometimes be fast paced and active, depending on your role and sector you work in.

Being confident and organised is a tool we teach through our BE INSPIRED programme, as confident and capable people make great professional service representatives and managers. Serving others in one form or another can be highly satisfying and finding solutions for customers can really make their day.

Professional service jobs don’t necessarily require high level qualifications, so if you have a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed, you can find something within the industry to suit you. Training can be provided within various professional services sector, so really the sky is the limit when it comes to a fulfilling career.

What sort of jobs are there in professional services?

From insurance to finance, accounting to law, there are all sorts of jobs within the professional services industry!

In an office setting, you’ll find various levels of skillsets across a wide range of job roles including sales, administration, back off teams and finance departments depending on the sector.

Professional service roles are all around you, providing you with information, solutions and support for vital services to businesses and individuals, as well as advising on specific services on the phone, in person and online such as insurance or accountancy. 

At INSPIRE, we aim to find you your perfect role within professional services and open up a new career of opportunities and job satisfaction.