Top Tips when starting a new job

There’s a lot going on when you start a new job! Many (many) Introductions, learning how things work in your new company and working out how you’ll fit into this new environment. The first couple of weeks can be as nerve-wracking as the initial interview!

We’ve not only been there but are now working with Clients and Candidates alike to ensure it’s a smooth process. We’ve put together some helpful tips.

Write it down:No one minds you taking notes, in fact, it shows you are keen to pick everything up. We all absorb information at different times and there are always new things to learn. Different ways of working, wording, best practices etc. Keeping detailed notes means you have something to come back to and use as a refresher for the next day – it will save you asking repeat questions!!

Questions: No one minds questions, again shows you are keen and interacting. If you need clarification or your trainer hasn’t given enough detail – ask! It will help the information sink in and good questions can demonstrate your knowledge and interest.

Who are you working with? Try to get to know everyone on a personal level. (We’re not talking tequila shots after work on day 1 here!) We spend such a large amount of time with our co-workers it’s sometimes nice to converse in things other than work. Pay attention to everyone’s roles, strengths and where you’ll fit in the team

Get stuck in:  With projects, with ideas with general chitchat. Everything. Don’t be shy everyone was new once. Just because you are a new face doesn’t mean you can’t input great ideas, cost savings, better practices and so forth. Just pick your time and manner in expressing them

Go for It and Enjoy!