“The purpose of a Business is to create a customer who creates a customer” – Shiv Singh

Word of Mouth. Back in time and with ‘small town’ connotations word of mouth was how we grew our business, where we gained customers and how customers gained us.

In this new digital age, it is even more relevant. Word of Mouth is more than a chat over the neighbours’ fence or discussions down the local pub. Social media means one person’s opinion on your business can reach far and wide.

This traditional method of creating great service is coming back around, utilised by the big companies as much as the start-ups. Why? Because it’s a great opportunity: your customers can do your sales for you.

Hang on now… This only works if you are doing two things:

ü  Providing an excellent customer experience 

ü  Nurturing customer relations and building trusting relationships

You must give your customers confidence in you. Be consistent. Then they will want to recommend you to their nearest or dearest or, indeed their fellow business community. Even better on far-reaching virtual communities.

84% of consumers reported always or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendation. (Nielson Data)

Working with businesses across several industries we focus on Customer Service. To get the desired culture it takes a holistic approach. It is important to look at your whole Customer Journey, not just the customer-facing bits. Customers can be lost at a poor call handling stage or from a dirty building. Audit your own Customers Journey, get feedback then create an improvement strategy amend your ways of working. Realign your Employees with your ethos – training with a team approach across all departments.

Once we are consistent with our Customer Service, exceeding those expectations and putting a smile on our customers’ faces we can utilise that to grow and expand. Ask for…

1 –Reviews. Be specific and pinpoint important aspects you want to be highlighted

2- Referrals. By offering a referral deal like a percentage discount it’s an all-round winner

3 -Testimonials. How has your great service made them feel?

Learn from your unhappy customers. Perfection is not always possible but it’s how you deal with issues that matters. Remember word of mouth can work against you, don’t underestimate social media.

“Unhappy customer’s in the physical world tell 6 people, on the internet they can tell 6000” – Jezz Bezos, Amazon CEO

Involve your whole team, surprise your customers, encourage the old ‘going the extra mile’ and add value. A happy customer is the best business strategy you can have