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We thrive on making your business shine

We thrive on making your business a success and we have formulated the perfect blend of workforce development solutions and customer service auditing and training in order to do just that.

INSPIRE works on the basis that great service levels, good work ethic and valuable experience equal a better bottom line. It’s a fact that happy customers spend more and quality staff are the key to making that a reality. With our supportive and engaging training programmes, we begin with a thorough audit of your customer service output and then implement the right training and support for your staff. If you need to add to your workforce, INSPIRE has an ever-growing database of highly enthusiastic professionals who could be perfect for your team.

What we can do for your business

INSPIRE offers an adaptable solution for auditing your business’ customer services; from call centre operations to face to face service, we can produce an audit analysis to highlight the strengths and weaknesses. Once these elements have been identified, we generate a report from which we undertake a provision for training and support. This can be integrated into your staff onboarding or ongoing training within your teams as a point of reference.

INSPIRE also offers recruitment solutions within the customer services sector and whilst delivering training to your staff, we also support an ever-growing database of enthusiastic individuals who are looking for new career opportunities. Your business can rely on the expertise at INSPIRE to introduce highly qualified candidates for your staffing needs.

Inspire CSR

If your CSR objectives include education and the support of Bristol’s youth, we can align your business with our training and support element. The goal being to INSPIRE young people to consider a career in customer service. We provide the tools and confidence they need to be inspired and find opportunities in Bristol. With the help of your business, together we can inspire a generation to reach their full potential.


Customer Experience Consultation – we provide consultancy and strategy for businesses seeking to work on maximising their customer service experience.

Customer Services Audit– we find out what your customer experience feels like. An independent audit often reveals what things are like when the boss isn’t watching and provides an objective and unbiased report.

Identify and Reporting – we provide you with a report which highlights the strengths and weaknesses within your customer service experience.

Training and Support – Tailor-made to fit with your brand and business development objectives, our training programmes are engaging and supportive.

Recruitment – we offer recruitment solutions within the customer service sector within all types and sizes of business.

“Having enjoyed a recent visit from Inspire, Lyndsey and Jodie managed to keep
our staff training informative, light and literally inspiring. At the end of a long shift,
training can be the last thing that anyone wishes to join in with, however the team
were laughing, interacting and the session really opened our minds as to what a
customer expects and need to hear given the investment they are making by allowing their children to spend time with us in the nursery. I cannot thank Inspire enough for the well thought out delivery to help us reflect and improve our customer journey offer. We are looking forward to building this into our induction procedure for our new staff members.

Samantha Packer – Daisychain Nursery

“Jodie and Lyndsey are a delightful duo who make customer service training fun, accessible and relevant. With their laid-back humour and armful of anagrams, they brought the concept of customer service into context and left us with a set of ready-to-apply tools. I became aware of personal and collective blind spots and through playful exercises, insightful discussion and multiple giggles we came up with ways to work more effectively as a team.”

Hebe Dickins – Community Host at Origin Workspace

I had just joined Bristol Rovers FC as the new Head of Catering when Inspire Training & Recruitment approached the Club, to provide a review of our current customer service standards, with a view to improvement.  

After a few meetings deciding what we could do together to share ideas to make a difference with limited time, budget, and staffing constraints. 

A plan for our first Catering induction day was born. 

This was a first time, a successful combination of external, internal parties, staff and management brought together for a day to rekindle service fundamentals and enthusiasm. 

The Club received really positive feedback from all who attended the day. This was a particularly pleasing response, when two of those attending were the owners of the staffing agency Rovers employ, to provide our match-day staff. 

I highly recommend Inspire Recruitment & Training. The initial client understanding, speedy planning including a Stadium tour with key personnel at the Memorial Stadium adapted to our specific requirements and challenges, were superbly designed and delivered by Jodie and Lyndsey. 

As a result, BRFC Catering Department is currently looking at more training opportunities for the near future, to further improve our Catering standards of service. 

I fully endorse and enjoyed and look forward to working with Inspire, who will, no doubt, continue to succeed and satisfy future clients with high energy, professionalism and fun.


Andy Lilley | HoC | BRFC