Here, at Inspire, we are lucky to LOVE what we do. We believe that everyone should love going into work every day whatever they do.  

There can be many reasons why you are not happy at work. The role, the hours, the workplace environment or management. We spend such a massive chunk of our lives at work, if you’re unhappy it could be time to find something you’ll enjoy.  

Research shows that job seekers (predominately millennials and semi retirees) are searching for fulfilment, for company’s whose ethos matches their own.  

So, how can we find this meaningful work? By analysing our values and ethos. This will highlight important questions about what you consider important to you, and thus the kind of work you will find meaningful.  

To get you on your way, we have put together some important questions to ask yourself to find that elusive perfect role.

 What would I love to do if I couldn’t fail?  

So many of us take the “safe path” with a fear of failure. Fear of not earning money. But what if there was no fear or money wasn’t an issue?  

Take the fear and the salary out the equation. From here, you can begin to see which sectors or industries may best suit you. For example, if you’re passionate about helping others, consider moving into a not-for-profit company, or a workplace that values CSR. If you love creativity, your job search may lead you towards working with graphic design.  

Can my core values, strengths and gifts help me find a career?  

“Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life again”. Sounds cheesy but the truth is a dream job is often one that uses a person’s passions and skills. This might seem like an impossible goal, especially when there’s no immediate connection between them. Try this exercise as a start: Make three lists that outline your skills, values and passions, and then circle one word from each list. Then, try to find a possible career or sector that encompasses all three words. Continue this technique until you’ve written out a list of different jobs – you may be surprised by how many you come up with! 

Which aspects of your current role or previous roles have you enjoyed the most?  

Time to stop and think about your favourite aspects of your work right now! Is there some you look forward to more than others? For example, if you love planning the company Christmas Party look towards event management. 

We at Inspire hope these questions offer some food for thought. As we come to the end of 2019 use this time to plan how you are going to relaunch in 2020!  

What is the one thing you can do TODAY to move forward? 

It could be:

  • finding a great course locally or online in an area you are interested in.
  • Read a book or industry newsletter.
  • Connect with someone you know that’s already in the field you want to get into. 

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