How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business-orientated social networking site that allows you to display your professional experience, academic accomplishments, connect with former and current colleagues and perform prospect research.

Who uses LinkedIn?

467 million users worldwide! LinkedIn is most useful for those interested in making business connections cultivating leads, developing their personal brands and growing their professional network.

How do you Make your Profile Stand out?

 1 – Your Picture and Cover Photo

Profile Photo

Your Face is your Brand and your profile needs to reflect this! It is how you will be perceived. It needs to look, Professional, ideally on a white background. A smile emits a positive nature, make sure you are upright and dressed relevant to your industry.

Cover Photo

Another opportunity to stand out. Make sure it is correct dimensions with a relevant image to your industry with Logos or web address to steer traffic in the right direction. A few Keywords to your industry will help with people doing a quick search

2 -Headlines and Public Profile URL

Your Headline generates interest and needs to have “clickability”. This is your second opportunity for people to go on your profile. A hook Tagline, something slightly different may set you apart.

If you are actively Looking for new opportunities also add it in here


This is how you will be found and is shareable on your CV and own social media. Standard LI URLs tend to be long-winded with numbers. Change to something such as www.linkedin/in/joebloggs. Simply done – go to View Profile / Edit profile and URL/ change URL]

3 -Profile Summary


Now people are on your page, this is where we need to keep them here. It’s a living breathing cv that needs to be interesting, engaging and informative. Who are you? What do you do? Best way to sell yourself is to tell your story. An honest personal profile is much more appealing than the standard spiel and regurgitation of your career history.

TOP tips –

Write it in the first person – its natural and personal

Tailor to your industry – include keywords (searchable and relevant)

Keep it short and snappy – people’s attention span is less and less

Make stand out – use Headings, subheadings, spacing and emojis.

Must be easy to read. Include your expertise/ specialities Include a call to action – a way to contact you (website/ email)


Your first couple of sentences must be a real grabber. Who are you… what do you do … and who do you do it for? Add some detail. Quantifiable facts, what you are passionate about and how you can solve people’s problems. Make it look good, you can also add media, emojis List your Expertise and key certificates and end with how best to contact you.

Check out new Profile  for a great example of eye-catching Photo, Summary and good use of media

4 – Profile – Experience | Media | Courses | Achievements


Time to add in all your career background. You’ll need to add Title, Dates, Headlines and description. It’s important to tag the actual company you are referring to and get their icon on your page. The Logo looks more professional and makes you more searchable.

Keep the description brief, easy to read with your position and overview. Bullet points help to add key information such as quantifying facts and achievements. Again, don’t hold back with adding media (and links)


There’s plenty of extra options not necessarily clear on the basic profile. By just going to Add Profile Section (at the top by your photo) you have many great options. E.g.: Publications, Certifications, Courses, Projects

 5 -Socialise – Connections | Endorsements | Recommendations

Endorsements and skills

Add in your skillset. What are you knowledgeable in, trained in or experienced in? Endorsements are a backing from someone to prove all the above! And these can come from colleagues you have worked with, businesses you have partnered up with, your Customers. It’s a “proof is in the pudding scenario” So, how to get these endorsements? Reach out and endorse first, more often than not they will return the endorsement. When you have endorsed them, they will also get an email notification.


These look great to people looking at your profile. If someone is looking to employ you, or employ your services recommendations are great. Again, by recommending a colleague, boss, client they will usually reciprocate. Another way is to Ask! “I hope you were happy with x, y, z would it be ok if you could recommend/ endorse me for (suggest skillsets/ specific areas) and I’ll do the same to you”


The more connections you have the more eyes there are on your content and marketing. More people seeing posts, reading your articles or clicking on your links. If you can aim to get 500+ (that’s the highest number LI will put on your profile and it will just say 500+ connections) This looks like you are well connected and helps create a professional profile. Grow this daily, spend 5-10 minutes a day reaching out to connections, you must personalise each message. The more connections and activity the more LinkedIn pushes you up the rankings and in turn, you’ll get more views. 

Finally, participate in your industries groups. ‘Be Social on Social Media!’ By posting valuable content not only do you look expert in your field but can drive traffic back to you and your company.

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