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We thought you may like our Customer Training Ideas, to ensure you get the most from your training activities.

1. “Good and bad customer service experiences” exercise

Get your trainees looking at times they have had had amazing service. On the flip side, get them to discuss bad Customer service experiences.

Get the participants to look at the specifics, why it happened and importantly how it made them feel.

Pull everyone’s examples together, steering them towards the main reasons for their experiences.

Get the group reviewing and pulling out common themes

A key part of the customer experience is down to the helpfulness and responsiveness of the person communicating with you. As a result, you can ‘draw out’ the definition of customer service, which is all about how you respond to the customer. For example, ‘The feeling, good or bad, that a customer has when they are with YOU’. 

2. Empathy work “Stepping into your customer’s shoes”

Depending on your industry, ask your trainees to identify their key groups of customers, then ask them to ‘step into the shoes’. Get them to think about a specific customer, to establish what their needs are at every stage of the process. From initial contact, through to the service, purchases, departure and after-sales.

Use the learning and the suggestions for change to pass these on to your management team for potential implementation.

3. Check out your competitor’s customer service

Go practical – telephoning to make an enquiry. Mystery visit where they buy an item or service. It’s a great way to critique customer service from another angle.

This aims to get them thinking about what they could do better within their organisation. This type of activity can help to change perceptions and mindsets.

4. Dealing with difficult situations and complaint handling

Many staff find dealing with difficult situations and customer complaints quite challenging. Run a training session with tips and best practice to build confidence.

Do a light-hearted practical demonstration of how not to respond to the customer complaint or concern. Then look at good examples and give everyone time to practise these in groups. 

5. Knowledge is power

Ok, so basic company and product knowledge should be covered in the induction.

But running product-specific briefings, get experts in. Say for example you are a pub selling Gins… get a Local Gin company into talk about Gin and do tastings and investigate the botanicals.

Quizzes and prizes may sound cheesy, but they are great at embedding that information. The aim is to get your trainees confident in explaining your products and services.

6. Suggestions for improving customer service:

Introduce a simple method for staff suggestions for helping the organisation improve customer service. Such as:

A simple suggestion box

Intranet posts

Setting a section of the monthly team meeting for continuous improvement

Employee survey with a section for making suggestions

Part of the performance appraisal

Customer service or ‘values’ forums/working groups

Competition for the best idea


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